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Atlanta Rapper Shinin’ Returns With Inspiring New Single “That Way”

Shinin’s break is officially over! The emerging Atlanta rapper is throwing his hat in the ring for the song of the summer. After a hiatus of one and a half years to focus on obtaining a degree in civil engineering, Shinin’ releases his anticipated new single “That Way” via indie label OG Records.


 The soul piercing lyrics paint a precise picture about the intense struggles that this multi-talented and inspiring artist went through. The motivational song serves as an appetizer for Shinin’s upcoming mixtape “From The Eastside, With Love,” which will be released on September 3. 

 Talking about his new single, Shinin’ explains: “My song ‘That Way’ is about taking losses. It’s the classic hero’s tale about a guy who came up from the bottom of society to feeling like he’s got on top of the world. And when everyone, who did not take heed or notice his ascent, is left wondering how he did it, all he can let them tell them is ‘That Way’ or that it’s too late to ask now!” 

 Shinin’ is a breath of fresh air in the oversaturated urban music market and his sound and style refreshes the spirits of Hip-Hop. Over the years, the eclectic lyricist and entertainer has been hard at work perfecting his craft. He delivers vivid rhymes and smooth flows. With a staunch at simply making good music, the aspiring Georgia wordsmith is sure everyone will relate and love his sound, no matter where you are from and what age you are. He is determined not to live in the shadows of someone else’s legacy. He is here to create his own path.
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