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Money Stacks x Onaje Jordan "The Real Blow"


When you combine gritty NY Hip Hop with dramatic production you get "The Real Blow" delivered by Money Stacks and Onaje Jordan. Don't let the calm before the storm of an intro distract you from what's about to hit...venomous bars and punchlines from Stacks. 

Stacks provides that one-of-a-kind of blow throughout the concrete jungle, that blow that other rappers can't deliver.  "You got the real blow in my rhymes, they getting the blow in my rhymes." In today's world money reigns over everything and because of this Stacks operates in full boss mode. He's fully in charge and laying down the laws in and out of the booth. Stream "The Real Blow" and connect with Money Stacks below. 

Connect with Money Stacks 
instagram @moneystacks149er 
twitter @moneystacks



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