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AllDays released a single called “Clock In” on Friday, June 11th, 2022 on all streaming platforms. It is a dreamy auditory journey along which the listener encounters soothing violin tones with an ethereal feel. The song is introduced with voice and guitar alone introducing its folk rock identity. The percussion features a cajon that holds down the beat without overpowering the soft finger-picked guitar arpeggios. The guitar solo features a classic tone that harkens to a previous time. “Clock In” is a love song that tells an inspiring story of a musical duo. The song, written and performed by Luke Daily, features violin parts by Samuel Vodopia. After the first chorus, the cajon and a bass guitar enter. The drum beat played on the cajon accents the light feel of the song without overpowering it. The chorus features soothing harmonies guaranteed to relax the listener. These harmonies are augmented by a whimsical violin solo that amplifies the romance.

Samuel Vodopia is an accomplished violinist with a Bachelors in violin performance from Stony Brook University. He is also an adept pianist, songwriter, and composer. Sam plays in a band called The Wels as well. Ryan O’Hagan cast a mysticism spell on this sound recording to make it seem like a dream within a dream. His audio engineering magic takes the track to the next level.

AllDays is a self-proclaimed web 3 artist taking music NFTs to the next level. They will release a collection of music NFTs featuring the album artwork and full song. AllDays is actively looking to partner with curated web3 music platforms such as Sound.xyz and Catalog. You can email luke@alldays.band to arrange an NFT partnership. The band sees cryptomusic and NFTs as a vehicle to procure seed funding that they can utilize to improve their music and its reach. NFT holders will gain access to a long roadmap of exclusive products and experiences associated with the

band and its music. They currently have a collection of live music NFTs listed on OpenSea for just $5 worth of Ethereum on the Polygon blockchain! They will drop a “Clock In” NFT release on June 18th, 2022. Don’t miss out!

AllDays is currently in the studio and has a large repertoire of originals to record. They plan to release at least one song a month for the next year. They are currently recording the next single called “Connection” which will drop early July 2022. Follow AllDays on Twitter and Instagram to keep your finger on the pulse of this exciting new artist!

Follow AllDays:

Official Websites | https://www.alldays.band/

OpenSea | https://opensea.io/alldays_crypto_music_artist Twitter | https://twitter.com/AllDaysNY

Instagram | https://www.instagram.com/alldaysny/

Record with Roar Productions https://roarproductionsny.com

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