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New Video: Dobey Dobe – Last Days | @DobeyDobe


New Video: Dobey Dobe – Last Days

Dobey Dobe is an up and coming artist that is making some serious noise around the music industry. WE always talk about style and flow but it's the melodies that this guy brings to the world that makes him outstanding. Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, the valley of the sun has helped create the next west coast superstar.

Now living in California to build his music career, the young heavy spitter moved right in the middle of the pandemic and has never looked back since. He has worked with the Odd Squad family, Futuristic and Kyle Bent. 

The name of the new video is called "Last Days and the concept behind the video will blow your mind. The video really brings a different outlook on the song itself, giving it another set of legs to go running. Click the link below or the play button to watch this masterpiece right here right now. 

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