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Charlee Lynai (@charleelynai) - "Leveled" EP

R&B Singer Charlee Lynai Makes Her Debut with New EP, "Leveled" Charlee Lynai the 4EYMG R&B artist treats her craft with care and compassion, sharing a piece of who she is in every song. She’s many things and in her project, she discusses the struggles to the successes of being a musician, wife, a new mother, and everything in between. It’s these aspects of CharleeLynai that we hear in her music. On her debut 7-track EP, “Leveled”, Charlee shares how one can enjoy life’s highs and lows through the messages in each track. As a child, Charlee sang in the music ministry at her grandfather’s church, alongside her mother and brother. She learned at an early age how to use her God-given talent. Charlee Lynai’s sultry voice has been heard on several projects like “My Bitch”(Jade Alexis) and “Wilin”(Tzie) and shows signs of remaining a contender in this industry. The accomplished songwriter and skilled vocalist expresses raw emotion in songs such as “Bad Habit” and “Can’t Function”, two singles from her EP, “Leveled. Charlee Lynai has appeared on the platforms “Hip-Hop Since 1987” and “HeatSeekers International” introducing her debut release. Charlee is ready to take her listeners on a rollercoaster ride filled with emotions, be sure to follow her on all social media and digital music platforms.
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