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New Music: Phill Harmonix and Fresh Kils - Keep On | @freshkils @PhillHarmonix


New Music: Phill Harmonix and Fresh Kils - Keep On

Arizona rapper Phill Harmonix has linked up with award winning Toronto producer Fresh Kils to give us a masterpiece called "Keep On." This is a record that will fire you up to keep pushing forward in whatever you want to do in life. This is what we call a true "feel good" record that you can drive around playing before that big meeting or the big job interview.

Click Here To See Video Snippet:

Phill Harmonix is a staple within Arizona hip hop and has really shown the city of Phoenix how you put bars together and create meaningful songs that will touch the core of the people listening to the music. He is truly one of the most talented artists to ever come out of the great state of Arizona. 

With all of that being said, click the link below right now to check out what all the hype is about when it comes to Phill Harmonix and Fresh Kils new record called "Keep On" which is the first single off the upcoming project called "Miscellanea."

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