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Timmy Turn Up - "Broke Bloke" (Video)

Timmy Turn Up delivers the visual to his single "Broke Bloke" Addictive Accidents Artist, Timmy Turnup, the twenty-four-year-old Hip-Hop artist from Pittsburgh is described as unique and versatile. While remaining faithful to the genre of rap, he continues to drop music videos for about two years. As the Co-Founder/Partner of Addictive Accidents, Timmy Turn Up has released several tracks as an artist and features with business partner JStreet. Together, they have participated in the "Black 2 School" tour and gained a notable tag in their hometown-"Next To Blow." "Do right, even when you think no one is watching, the most important conversations about you, will happen in a room, you aren't in"~ Timmy Turn Up Timmy Turn Up's flow and delivery have a classic feel which comes from his favorite artists like Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Eminem, Drake, and Kanye West. During his career, his strong presence in the industry and appearing on platforms like Say Cheese TV proves he's a contender. His hits “Yu-Gi-Oh,” “$cyth $eeing,” “BlitzBurgh JackBoy$,” “Closing,” and “Liquor Kissing” numbers have surpassed most independent rappers in the game. Remarkably, it looks as if Addictive Accidents' Timmy Turn Up hasn’t failed his fans and continues to impress with his releases. Lately, his 2022 releases like "$tupid Thick," "Closing Pt. 2," and "Broke Bloke" are gaining popularity and are expected to do the same as the other tracks! Be sure to connect with Addictive Accidents collective and Timmy Turn Up on all social music and digital music platforms.
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