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New Video: Sosatruu - No Friends No Opps | @rocoutlou


New Video: Sosatruu - No Friends No Opps

Sosatruu is a dope artist with a style that is out of this world. He is killing it and the records that have been hitting the streets are truly showing the growth of a musician that is in love with their craft. 

Sosatruu is really putting on for Milwaukee and looks to be the next big superstar within the music industry, from the midwest. The realness in the music that Sosatruu creates is something that will hit close to home if you come from that type of environment.

"No Friends No Opps" is a record that speaks to the real ones of today. The video is super powerful and you really need to watch it to get the concept of the video. Click the link below to watch this masterpiece. 

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