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Cold Sholda Plans to Unveil "Bensonhurst" March 9th in Honor of Biggie


Cold Sholda, one of NYC’s favorite Italian rappers, is planning to release his new album, “Bensonhurst” on March 9th in honor of Biggie and his grandfather who also sadly passed the same day. The gifted rapper has been making waves in the music scene since 2014 releasing projects such as, “Fire Starta,” “Well Connected,” and most recently “Ceasar”! He has collaborated with a plethora of artists since his entry into the industry and plans to do more in the future. 

“Bensonhurst” is Cold Sholda’s 6th project. The rapper states, “I plan to compile three major songs from the project into a mini movie.” Cold Sholda has always utilized his artistic abilities to push himself to the next level. He expressed that in 5 years he sees himself continuing his music career and taking care of his family. Cold Sholda comes from a first generation Italian family and makes use of his strong cultural values in his music. 

When asked what his creative process consists of, Cold Sholda explained, “I hear a beat and if I feel it, I usually start free-styling. If I like where it’s going I’ll sit down and write to it. Sometimes while I’m recording, I’ll change stuff on the fly but I never punch in. I try maintain the traditional art form by spitting all of my verses in their entirety. Even if I mess up the last line, I’ll re-record the whole thing.” Due to his impeccable talent, work ethic, and authenticity, Cold Sholda has built quite the arsenal of music and fans throughout his career. And now “Bensonhurst” will be added to his long catalog. Below you will find multiple links that will direct you to Cold Sholda’s social media and music! Get ready for March 9th!



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