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Young Cam Da Don Exclusive Interview

Young Cam Da Don

  • Where are you from? and introduce your self. 

    Topeka, Kansas. My name is Young Cam Da Don, a.k.a Topeka's Heartbreaker

    Young Cam Da Don

  • Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

    It can be not easy if you're trying to write the perfect song or trying to be a people pleaser. I don't want to do any of those things because my style is unique enough to stand out

  • Who are you inspired by? 

    I'm inspired by the OGs before me like Cassidy, Big L, Biggie Smalls, 2pac, and Will Smith.

  • What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

    I'm pushing my latest project, Heartbreak Cam 2. You can find my music on my website www.youngcamdadon.com

    Young Cam Da Don
    Young Cam Da Don
  • What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

    I'm willing to entertain the audience, making them laugh, keep them enthralled at all times.

  • Tell us about your upcoming project. 

    Heartbreak Cam 2 is based on my perception of the shortcomings, being a womanizer, drug addiction, and losing a family member in my life. I wanted to showcase it because shortcomings are universal.

    Young Cam Da Don
  • What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

    Having the DJ praise my performance to the audience at Florida.

  • Any message to your fans? 

    Thank you for loving my music, and ill continue to keep the heartbreak train going.

    Instagram: @Youngcamdadon
    Twitter: @Youngcamdadon

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