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Q. Where are you from? and introduce your self. 

what's up everybody, you've probably heard my tags on a lot of the hot new songs thats been dropping this year and you've probably seen my little logo on a lot of music videos, commercials and flyers for networking events that I've been privileged to be apart of.... all the way from the Biggest little town ever, Huntsville Texas, I am, the Trapstar Migo.!!


Q. Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

I wouldn't say is difficult to be a rapper basically these days anybody can be a rapper. I would say its definitely way more difficult to believe in yourself and actually push yourself to go out and put in the grind that it takes to be a rapper. I always say, in this game, rapping is 10% of it. it's the other 90% of it that is the difficult part, and a lot of people find it easier to give up instead of doing what it takes to be successful. pure talent gets you no where without the footwork to support the movement... I rather the worst rapper with the biggest ambition and hunger... over the best rapper who's too lazy to grind for it. HARD WORK BEATS TALENT WHEN TALENT DOESN'T WORK HARD.


Q. Who are you inspired by? 

honestly right now I'm very inspired by the amount of disbelief and doubt that I received all of my life grown up. all the dreams that I've explained to people that would tell me this would never happen, to just give up and quit, and walk away from this dream.... that lit my fire... also, 2 brothers from HERSCHELWOOD named Knock & Duke, 2 Houston Legends, who go by the HERSCHELWOOD HARDHEADZ they inspire me the most right now on a everyday basis... the way they embrace me as Family, believe in me, believe in my vision, support my goals, and allowed me the privilege to be included in their vision, and their plans and goals is the ultimate inspiration needed. them just believing in me inspires me to go as hard as I can everyday and do everything I can because I never want to let them down... and I won't. it's The XSKULLSIVE WAY. oh yea!! and Yungstar from the Screwed up click is a big part of me aswelll... normally people would say he's like the big brother I never had, but honestly, I say he's like the big brother that I wasn't supposed to have that I did have because he's always been there no matter what... it's deeper than music.


Q. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

okay first off we got the STP movement that we've been pushing since day one which consists of Fatt Macc the Alpha, AintChuuKane the Franchise, myself, a female artist by the name Bankroll Redd. aswell as a talented singer, songwriter by the name Tubby Da Kidd... also an Artist who's name you'll probably hear a lot this year, JaeBoii Finesse. I'm working with Al Crocka, a huge name in the Houston rap scene and one of my favorite artist right now. his name could of went with the inspiration question earlier because he definitely inspired me to get better... I'm pushing the album from ScrewedupClick Yungstar 2 a Yungman that I can't wait for.. and the last HERSCHELWOOD HARDHEADZ album The Last Supper. I'm all over the place. our music is available on every music streaming platform, just type in my name or their name. and our Youtube channel can be found under xskullsiveTV, thats the channel name and it's spelled, the letter X S K U L L S I V E tv.. on Instagram you can search 8152xskullsive for updates and leaks from new music Coming out.


Q. What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

I think what makes me different from other artist is the way I keep it bruttaly honest. I keep it real even if if hurt feelings. like for example, you might hear a rough draft *BUT in my head, i completely heard the song I with the finished mix with all the brakes in the beat, where the stutters will go and all kinds of things like are what makes me different. Not only am I an artist.... I'm a professional engineer and hell of an Executive Producer. I have an ear for it... I didn't choose this, I was Chosen for this . Its all God's Plan.


Q. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

Right now you know, by way of Knock n Duke the HERSCHELWOOD hard heads and we're pushing the 8152 mixtape... IM SO HARDHEADED which we plan on dropping onto 2 22 22. that mixtape we have songs from YUPPIE ZONOTTI, Skip Pecsi, 52TAKE, features with AL Crocka, JaeBoii Finesse , and many more artist that are in the gumbo. it's an awesome project.


Q. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

I was saying my biggest accomplishment accomplishment right now has been actually releasing music. for the longest time I was a music horder. I would do songs that I wouldn't release in the tank and I think 2022 i went Busta Rhymes with the push amd I pushed them right out the door, and to me, that's one of my biggest accomplishments.

  1. Q. Any message to your fans? 

    so first off, to the fans, I appreciate y'all and I'm honored to have you as a fan. to everybody who's not a fan yet, all I want is the opportunity. just give me a chance and I'm pretty sure I'll change your mind on me. I'm just trying to be great and the best version of me.. I'm very blessed and highly favored and with God first, nothing is impossible. always remember, this is God's plan, we don't need to practice, all we got to do is show up!


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