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Harrd Luck & Ricky Bats x Fredro Starr "Every Day" (Video)

Mad face himself Fredro Starr shows off his production agility in Harrd Luck's new single/video "Every Day" featuring Gotham City's Ricky Bats. The track is taken from the forthcoming album 'Beats by Dro' (produced entirely by Fredro).

Shot in NY, Luck and Bats depict their everyday moves in the concrete jungle with no safe paths and trenches filled with tension, and lifesize rats and snakes. With a fatherless past and empty wallets, it makes sense in the present time they reign on top of the food chain. 

Fredro Starr delivers a polished arrangement of soulful, gritty NY melodies underlined with piano keys that intensify the lyrical aggression and anthemize the hook. Watch "Every Day" and stay tuned for the album release of  'Beats by Dro.' 


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