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Fat Joe burger line at White Castle


Fat Joe's new burger line at White Castle.
Fat Joe Launches New Burger Range at White Castle for "Joenuary"

With his official White Castle partnership announcement, Fat Joe is ensuring that you do not keep your New Year's Resolution. The Bronx rapper took to Twitter to announce the launch of his own new burger line at the fast-food chain for the entire month of January, or Joenuary.

The rapper has released his latest burger line, which includes the Spicey Joe Slider, Sloppy Joe Slider, Smoky Joe Slider, and Sloppy Fries. The rapper can be heard saying in the video announcing his new burger line, "The month of January is no longer January, it is called Joenuary." "I'm here to annihilate your New Year."

Fat Joe and White Castle have also revealed a slew of surprises, including Joe-inspired trivia, memes, and original poetry and jokes. "White Castle was a big part of my childhood," Joe says. I always enjoyed eating their Sliders with my friends and family, so it’s a full-circle moment to partner with them all these years later in an unprecedented way. I’m excited to introduce new additions to the menu and share some other surprises so we can start the new year off right.”

Fat Joe’s White Castle burger range is set to be available until February 19.

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