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"Pretty Girl Lit" by Gabby B. ft Justina Valentine

 “Pretty Girl Lit”

by Gabby B. ft. Justina Valentine

Here it is! The much anticipated release of  “Pretty Girl Lit” by Gabby B. ft. Justina Valentine, and Produced by none other than Mr. Hit Record himself… 

Gabby B., the Brazilian Barbie from Florida, has been making her name well known on TikTok, Social Media, & of course all Music Streaming Platforms! She is signed with Muy Bueno, and teamed up with Mr. Hit Record for their first Collaborative Project and created “Merry Go Round”. Within a matter of weeks of its release,  it quickly reached over 215k streams! Then shortly after, the two then released “Belly Dancer”, which payed homage to the Art of Belly Dancing.

With the success of their collaboration, it was only fitting to continue the momentum and created “Pretty Girl Lit” Mr. Hit Record wanted to make sure that he found the perfect artist to be featured alongside Gabby B. The goal was to find another Gorgeous Female Artist that was going bring another great dynamic to the table, and Justina Valentine was the Perfect choice!  

Justina Valentine, the Red Headed Bombshell,  is a well known Rapper, Singer, Songwriter, Host, and also Cast Member of the infamous show Wild ‘N Out. Aside from her Lyrical Freestyle abilities, you can find her overseeing her Clothing Store, J. Valentina Boutique

“Pretty Girl Lit” is Bright, Colorful, Seductive, and enough to Hype anyone up!  The song starts off soft then immediately gets loud and hype!  The melody consists of a mixture of steps, leaps, and repeated notes, giving it a distinctive quality. 

The consonant harmony between Gabby B. and Justina Valentine went well together. With its polyphonic texture mixed with the rhythm of this song, it’s enough to get, not just the Ladies, but EVERYONE up and on the dance floor!!! 

The Production by Mr. Hit Record is FLAWLESS!! It was easy to listen to, and nothing overpowered anything, giving it that Smooth Hype Sound!

Be sure to hit up “Pretty Girl Lit” out NOW on all streaming Platforms. 


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Much love and Respect,

Naomi G. 


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