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KingDarius TheGreat & Aria Marie “Self Love” (Frequency)

If you just so happen to be passing through the heart of Downtown Atlanta at the corner of Peachtree Street NE and Andrew Young International by the Hard Rock Cafe, you may bare witness to an enormous double Billboard towering over the area with an incredible image of a beautiful Goddess like woman standing with incredible confidence, eyes closed, in front of a bright shining moon embedded with the image of an equally confident man’s face, landscaped with the nights sky filled with bright lights and a shooting star. This particular advertisement is artwork promoting what seems to be an ear pleasing song titled SELF LOVE (Frequency) by recording artists KingDarius TheGreat & Aria Marie. 

While we are only teased with the chorus of the song for now, the melodic, yet powerful lyrics of the hook over a piano driven track leaves listeners yearning for more! If you do a quick research of KingDarius TheGreat’s catalog, you’re left anticipating an epic display from this rap/r&b duo. According to the massive Billboards, we shall all be blessed with the full length version on January 7th 2022 available on ALL PLATFORMS!
Take a listen to the sneak peak NOW!

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