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Marvin Li - Prada

Marvin Li showcases EDM/Hip-Hop fusion on vibe-driven new mixtape ‘Snow’ 

SAN CLEMENTE, CA – The ultimate EDM/Hip-Hop fusion has made its way to the world in the form of a 16-song mixtape from West Coast artist Marvin Li. The project is called “Snow,” and it’s the eighth mixtape of this underground artists’ illustrious recording career. It’s a collection of the best songs from those previous projects, showcasing not only his evolution as an artist but also his mastery of a sound and style that has a large global audience. With a vibe that’s one part A$AP Rocky, one part Yung Lean, and all parts his own original signature style, Marvin Li has the makings of a truly international superstar. 

The debut single from the album is a song called “Prada.” It’s dark and heavy with a lot of deep, electronic-driven bass. Anyone who has been slighted or betrayed will immediately connect with this song. It’s destined to become the anthem of the angry. According to Li, it’s a song that was inspired by Yung Lean’s hit “Hoover,” which has seen hundreds of thousands of plays since its release. 

“I was listening to that song wondering if I could compete with him and make something like that even better than he did,” Li said. “I think I accomplished that. Ultimately ‘Prada’ is a song that’s just showcasing me being really creative. I’m talking about a lot of things – not one single thing – because I’m trying to create more of a feeling or a vibe that makes you feel really pumped up.” 

As the second track on the mixtape, fans might hear “Prada” and think that the whole project will be a heavy, EDM-laden journey of sound and style. But Li explores a variety of other styles and grooves across the 16 songs – from pure rap to Pop-driven light melodies and everything in between. A good example of this is the single “Forever,” which sits as the second-to-last track on the album. It’s a pure Pop song with a light melody throughout. But that light and ethereal feeling is paired with the counterpoint of heavy, electronic-driven bass in the background and slightly melancholy lyrics that are intriguing and beguiling. The song is almost hypnotic, in a way, and listeners will be hard-pressed to get away from the tantric groove.  

“I like the idea of creating chill and relaxing music,” Li said. “It’s cloud rap, but with my own individualism. The vibe of my music is hard-core, but also just who I am. And ultimately I just want to make people feel cool and feel like their best versions of themselves. If my music can help people realize their best potential while helping me to be known as a good artist, then I’ll be happy.” 

Li said “Snow” is currently available across all streaming platforms.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Snow (mixtape)

Prada (single) 




Forever (single) 


Instagram – xmarvinli 

Twitter – @xMarvinLi

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