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Gold Rose brings empowering female voice to hip-hop with vibrant new album ‘Modern Day Eve’ 

CLEVELAND, OH – One of the Midwest’s most melodic and authentic artists is showing off a mastery of musical blends with her new album “Modern Day Eve.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, the new 12-song project from Cleveland-based Gold Rose shows off an adept ability to weave witty wordplay alongside classic hip-hop rhythms mixed with melodic singing for a sound that’s original and fresh. Described as “independent, free, sexy and vibrant,” Rose’s new album is the epitome of everything fans want from a modern-day woman leaving her mark on the world. And the lyrics from the project reinforce the power of an independent woman – motivating other women all over the world as they embrace the messages brought forth by this engaging young artist. 

“In this day and age for female rap, I think I’m a voice that hasn’t been heard,” Gold Rose said. “I say things you’ve probably never heard a woman say. I’m outlandish, but at the same time I make it sound good. And when you talk about rap, I’m different in terms of all female rap. It’s melodic wordplay with performances that will stand out in your mind.” 

Gold Rose’s captivating performances have been buzzed about for years. She provides high energy that draws in crowds and creates an almost direct conversation with each and every member of the audience. Her raw flows keep fans raving and dancing to hard-hitting drums mixed with a variety of instruments. As an Ohio Hip Hop Award “Best Performance” nominee, Gold Rose puts a brand new shine on American female rap. Inspired by albums like “Reasonable Doubt,” “Do or Die,” and a plethora of R&B singles, Gold Rose delivers a vibe with outlandish lyrics and vibrant rhythms that come from real-life experiences. She’s proof that the future is female. 

The debut single from her new album reinforces that by serving as an anthem for the modern-day women of the world. “Price” is a sexy single with a deep message that says everything worth having comes with a price, and if you’re willing to pay that price and put in the work then the world can be yours.  

“I’m just trying to be the voice that’s unheard,” Gold Rose said. “I’m not the only one who has experienced what I’ve been through, but I know my voice hasn’t been heard yet in the game. I’m just speaking naturally as myself, and at the same time I’m relating to so many different people. Those people deserve to be heard and understood, and my music serves as an expression of myself and others like me.” 

Gold Rose said she has other songs she’s working on to release later this year, and some videos for the singles on her new album should drop over the next couple of months.

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