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Dre2x- No Favors

Meet Chicago Rapper Hip-Hop Artist on the Rise: DRE2X (dre-2-tymez)
DRE2X is set to be hip-hop's 2021 breakout motivational hip-hop artist

Los Angeles, CA --- Chicago hip hop artist and entrepreneur DRE2X is the leading member and break-out urban hip-hop artist of his own record label, Loyal Members Entertainment (LME) Records. Rooted from the Southwest side of Chicago, the hip hop artist, and songwriter uses his music to vocalize the hardships and hurdles within the inner city's villainy and bad fortunes. Being the eldest, and the vital link in his family, DRE2X vowed that failure would never be an option. His humble upbringing has helped him stay true to the practices and moral principles instilled in him since birth and on the belief that "loyalty means everything."

DRE2X stepped into the spotlight as this year’s best-kept secret on the underground rap radar for his buzzy studio debut single, “Self Motivation”, which manifests his gift for candid lyrics and chameleonic flows. Liberating and unapologetic, “Self Motivation” is an anthem for the underdog paving a path and speaking about exactly what (and who) they want to be. Using hip- hop inspired beats, DRE2X has a distinctive flare different from most other hip-hop artist as the message of his lyrics are typically uplifting and inspirational.

DRE2X began his music career as a passionate songwriter but soon broke into new lanes as he quickly discovered a hidden talent for music composition and creative input while working with top-named studio producers in Los Angeles, California. DRE2X debut single, “No Favors”, executive produced by 1500 Or Nothin’, is a staple about hard work, motivation and the means to overcome one’s struggles, Out Now.

“We’re all given the same 24hours in a day. It’s what you make of them that differentiates you in the struggle.” DRE2X
As co-founder of LME Records, DRE2X is more than an artist, he’s a young entrepreneur who currently runs a full-service music management, publishing, and distribution company in Los Angeles, California.

“I’m going to continue releasing new music and take LME Records to a macro- scale. ‘Self Motivation’ is growing right now, and I don’t want to cut its wings. I’m kicking off 2021 with new music mixed with upcoming artists and producers that I admire and that I know will introduce me to a new audience level’ – DRE2X Stay tuned for more from DRE2X!

Loyal Members Entertainment (LME), co-founded by DRE2X, exist to shape the culture through authentic music and storytelling. LME is the home to a community of artists, producers, songwriters, and creative entrepreneurs committed to disruptive innovation.
LME is a full-service entertainment company that builds a foundation for artists in artist development and management, music publishing and distribution, brand marketing, and music video production. LME prides itself in making music that unifies and inspires the world.
Loyalty Means Everything: Live by it, die by it.






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