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"Another Thousand" By Hasko Montana Gains Momentum


By Julz Mancini

Many of us have been in love with music since a young age. For Hasko Montana, an Alabama native, music has been a major component in his life since six years old. With the support and foundation given to him by his family, Hasko was able to dive into his creative side without difficulty. Of course as he reached adolescence, he was presented with some turmoil and obstacles. However, this further shaped him into the music artist he is now.

Getting noticed and signed to Bout Dat Life Music Group, LLC was a climactic moment in the young rappers life. The CEO of the company, Cross Amillion, welcomed him with open arms as the anchor artist.  Since then, Hasko has had the opportunity to work with one of Alabama's most prominent producers Karltin Bankz. Together, they have made several songs and won the hearts of many fans and supporters. 

Recently, the gifted rapper released, "Another Thousand". Since the debut the single has reached over 13k streams on Spotify alone. There is no doubt that Hasko will continue to climb the ladder in the music industry. Be sure to follow him on Instagram and stream his music. He's certainly someone you want to keep your eyes on.

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