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Zero Kares - It Is What It Is

Zero Kares leads listeners on journey of self-discovery with emotional new single ‘DNA’ 

IRVINE, CA – Zero Kares is an artist simply trying to find true love. But forces – some under his control and some not – will not allow him to reach it easily. Every song he creates and every word he utters is another footstep on his journey to fulfill that dream. And his latest single, “DNA,” is yet another chapter on that quest. 

Born from disappointing relationships of the past, “DNA” explores the ways in which negativity can be contagious and how often we take on the characteristics of our significant others, even when we should not. 

“Some of my partners in the past have had very toxic DNA, and in a lot of ways it rubbed off on me,” Zero Kares said. “When both DNAs are toxic, there’s no way a relationship can go how it should. Your DNA is toxic, and now mine is toxic, and now we either have to deal with that toxicity or over time we’ll become poisoned. This song is very raw and emotional – not in an angry way, just edgy in its emotionality. It is what it is, and we need to acknowledge it and work through it or we’ll never grow and take that next step in the journey.” 

A lot of Zero Kares’ music is raw. He likes to play with big sounds and use those vibes as conduits for his emotions – bringing listeners along with him on the journey of self-discovery as he overcomes his own limitations and defeats the forces working against him. His style is very melodic, but it also bangs really hard. Some have described it as a mixture of The Weeknd and XXX Tentacion. And against that backdrop he shares messages and experiences of things he goes through in life.  

“I’m creating music that helps people ride that emotional roller coaster people go through,” he said. “I’m trying to enhance their life experiences. If you’re going through a situation in your life and one of my songs clicks with you, then maybe that helps you understand how someone else might feel. Or maybe it will get you hyped to go through whatever you’re going through. Or maybe it will just help you know that it’s all gonna be OK.” 

That kind of attitude permeates the music that Zero Kares creates, and serves as the defining mantra of his persona. It’s less a name that encourages people not to care about anything in life, and more a name that inspires people to live a carefree lifestyle. Bang to his music and you’ll get through whatever life throws at you. “Just live your best life and enjoy whatever you want to do,” he said.  

“DNA” is currently available across all streaming platforms and is the first from a new EP that will be a mix between EDM, Emo-Punk, and R&B. He said that project should come out later this year, and will serve as a showcase of his diversity – incorporating sounds from influences all over the world.  

To listen to Zero Kares’ music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 


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