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Young Mexicann - Interview

Exclusive Interview With 
Young Mexicann 
  1. 1. Where are you from? and introduce your self. 

    Wassup, my name is Young Mexicann I’m from Haw River, North Carolina.

  2. 2. Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

    In the beginning it was. I was always sharing my music getting into fight’s and doing crazy stuff to be heard. Now it’s easy tho.

  3. 3. Who are you inspired by? 

    Trippie Redd, X, Phora. Trippie has a big influence on my style tho i used to listen to Trippie Redd before he got famous. Listening to stuff like the White Room Project. Look out for the 1400/800 Mixtape tho. I won’t say too much.

    1. 4. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

      I just released a Album, my second Album titled Red Dream it can be found in all major streaming platforms

    2. 5. What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

      The fact that I’m Mexican. Name me one Rapper who is in the game right now who is Mexican. I’m just trying to open the doors for my Mexican Rappers. 6ix9ine just makes us Lations in general look bad.

    3. 6. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

      I wanted to drop A Book Of Death 2 but it will most likely be throw aways I don’t expect it to make noise. It’s just a mixtape of all throwaways.

    4. 7. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

      Everytime i released something i always chart #1 in Greensboro, North Carolina. I’ve met other Artist and worked with them. I have big projects for the future.

    5. 8. Any message to your fans?

      Follow your dreams fuck the haters, fuck em.


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