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Thousandproof (@9PROOFF) - "Bugatti Dreamz"

Born in Arizona, to running the streets of Houston, Texas  Thousandproof is making a name for himself as he’s growing his influences around the city that inspires not only himself but the people around him. Thousandproof is an iconic alter ego of the person he wants to become. With "DRUG" being his first and self produced track he’s climbing his way into the ranks of being known across the city. His installment to his new franchise of work Treehouse Chronicles, Beginning to tell his stories of how he became the artist that he is now, "BUGATTI DREAMZ" is a dark tale w a spin of midnight club acceleration to get the party going even if it’s for the heat of the moment. Stream "BUGATTI DREAMZ" as you follow the path that leads the open world that Proof Runs. TELL EM PROOF !
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