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Powerman Mc (@powermanmc) f/ Murv Douglas - "This Is Happening"

Powerman Mc is a hip hop artist that has been in the rap game for years also known as a top notch Actor and producer of movies Powerman Mc is also very well known as a youth mentor and community activist . Born and raised in south Central La the hip hop head that is Powerman Mc overcame extreme poverty drug infested streets and gang life all around him to be a respected leader of men . as a father Powerman has put knowledge into his kids to overcome all obstacles and road blocks that are negative . Rspected by underground cyphers and mainstream Mc s few artist can rap in three languages and have a world wide appeal like Powerman Mc . PMC collaborates withthe talented Murv Douglas to bring the world a deep message in the this is Happening video and single . Powerman Mc directed and wrote the video and also produced the record with Murv Douglas a must see and hear project says Powerman peace .
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