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Nirvana Flux - U, Too (feat. Joseph Anthony and Jungle Leez)

Chill summer vibe from Nirvana Flux brings people into heightened state of flow 

PHOENIX, AZ – The latest release from highly acclaimed multi-genre artist Nirvana Flux will bring down the house. Known for his soothing and calming style, Nirvana Flux flips the script with his cool summer track “U, Too.” Currently available across all streaming platforms, the song features more of an R&B and neo-soul vibe, with amazing vocals from female UK artist Jungle Leez, and Soul singer Joseph Anthony providing riffs in some of the verses. Nirvana Flux rounds out the song by bringing his signature flow as he raps over the top of the amazingly smooth beat.  

“It’s a song about someone special in your life,” Nirvana Flux said. “It’s a song about someone who means everything to you. It comes from a poem that I wrote a while back, and you could almost consider this song part two of that poem. Essentially it’s written from the point of view of someone talking to their significant other. I put some live instrumentation on this one and put some Soul into it, and I think a good span of age groups and demographics will like it.” 

Originally from Chicago – raised around the urban Soul and hip-hop sounds of the city – Nirvana Flux moved out West to pursue music full-time as a career. Today he makes his home in Phoenix, Arizona, where he works as a professional recording artist and a producer for other artists. He considers himself to be a “traveling man,” and uses the experiences he’s had from other parts of the world as fuel for the music he creates. Those stories and sounds intertwine to create something truly original and unique to today’s music industry. 

“I bring as much authenticity as I can with my music,” he said. “I’m all about the soul in sounds and substance in lyricism. My music is intended for a variety of things, but overall it’s about fearlessness and conscientious therapeutic communication. This track specifically does that by sourcing from many different genres – Soul, Neo-Soul, Spoken Word, Poetry, Rap – and as such I think it has the potential to be massive.” 

Nirvana Flux said he plans to continue releasing singles over the course of the year as he builds this career as a recording artist and expands his audience.

To listen to his music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 


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