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New Video: Bandman Kevo - Stop Playing With Me Featuring WillGotTheJuice | @BandManKevo


New Video: Bandman Kevo - Stop Playing With Me Featuring WillGotTheJuice

Chicago rapper Bandman Kevo released his new single/video "Stop Playing With Me" today, Bandman Kevo and WillGotTheJuice team up to let the world know they are nothing to be played with. Highlighting how they have the money game in a headlock, Kevo and Will rap about their lavish lifestyle and luxury.  “Stop Playing With Me” is available everywhere now -- watch here.

Kevo’s journey to fortune and Internet fame traveled a long and consequential road. Raised in deep poverty on the Southside of Chicago, a product of his environment, he began engaging in small crimes for small paydays. Once Kev realized that the eldest employees who worked at the factory for over thirty years were still poor, he became disenchanted with an honest living. A younger employee introduced Kev to credit card and check fraud. For the next five years, Kev became one of Chicago’s biggest scammers. Before the age of 25, he was a millionaire as well as a Lamborghini, Maserati and condo owner. The local notoriety would land him in federal prison for three years on Bank Fraud charges.

Post prison, Kevo used a rap career to further grow his profile. Although he released songs with rap stars like Chief Keef (“Baller In Me”) and Soulja Boy (“All Foreign”), his calling as a financial guru was undeniable. On the back of his Only Fans supremacy, he now manages three of the site’s highest-grossing models (plus Youtube stars Will Got the Juice and CJ So Cool) and recently launched his very own subscription-based app Kevofans. Today, his net worth has surpassed his days of bank fraud. He owns a digital enterprise, homes in Atlanta and Miami, and a future book series for financial guidance. Only goal left for Bandman Kevo is billionaire or bust.

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