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Langford Cunningham's Motivational Talks

Blind City The Podcast Creator Langford Cunningham's Motivational Talks Help Youth Battling Various Issues

Some experiences change people a lot and forever. Langford Cunningham had many such experiences which finally helped him meet his ultimate goal. He started the Blind City The Podcast and Redemption Academy a faith-based, non-denominational not-for-profit organization, where he helps marginalised and young Black and Brown kids to deal with various issues and helps them walk the right path in life. During the pandemic, he helped many young people who dealt with anxiety, uncertainty and panic attacks. Through his podcast and Redemption Academy, he also addresses subjects like sex trafficking, teen suicide, strong family units and provides alternative answers to living streetlife.


Featured guests on Blind City The Podcast include the current Mayor of St. Louis, Tishaura Jones, NFL Star Laurence Maroney, and celebrated rapper Murphy Lee, to name a few.


Langford Cunningham's story is quite inspiring and intriguing. During his youth, Cunningham experienced the ugly side of street life - corruption, drugs, violence, and more. He battled destructive behaviours, and when he decided to change his life for the better, he got a Bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice and for more than 15 years, Cunningham worked at the St Louis County Juvenile Detention as a DJP Deputy Juvenile Officer.


But life doesn't always go the way one plans it. Langford Cunningham lost his eyesight to glaucoma and underwent 31 surgeries to no avail. He battled depression during this time attempted suicide multiple times and failed which let him know his mission was not complete and he had to do better. Out of that commission, Blind City The Podcast and Redemption Academy, non-denominational faith-based 501(c)(3) were born. With his podcast, Cunningham alongside his cohort Dr. Porter, helps Black and Brown youth to achieve confidence and self-assurance in life with his motivational talks.


To attest to the importance of his work, Langford Cunningham has been featured on Fox News and ESPN Radio, as well as other major and local news outlets.


Blind City The Podcast website explains their goal - "To stimulate the heart of the nation by offering hope in a world filled with turmoil. Pumping truth and life into the veins of troubled young men and women throughout the world and giving the cause and effect of violence that clogs the arteries of this nation. By offering practical applications to shock the heart of the nation back into action, we help people see their vision and reach their goals and promote being positive through the pain."


Blind City The Podcast creator Langford Cunningham shares the motto of his life. He says, "I had to lose my sight to find my vision." He also poses the question - How many of us had to lose sight of reality to find the vision of truth? 


For more information on Langford Cunningham, Blind City The Podcast and Redemption Academy please visit: 


Web site: https://www.blindcitythepodcast.com/


Instagram https://www.instagram.com/blindcitypodcast/.


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