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 J Trice offers inside look at a girl’s POV of the streets with string of raw new singles 

BUFFALO, NY – Jessica “J Trice” Swain is a woman who won’t give up. With her back against the wall after her grandmother died, this young woman from Buffalo, New York has been through more difficult situations than most people could ever imagine. But she’s pushed through those hardships and uses those experiences as the foundation for her unique style of music – something that’s one part Fantasia and one part Michel’le and all parts her own signature style.  

That style is put on full display with her latest string of singles, starting with the hit R&B track “Extendo Shutdown.” Written about an ex-lover, the song is a vocal showcase of her natural talents as a singer, but also a great demonstration of her ability to weave witty lyrics as a songwriter. It’s almost like her mouth is a weapon and the words are her ammunition as she shoots bullets of aggressive vitriol toward a selfish and unsupportive ex-boyfriend. 

“He’s selfish and stuck in his ways and he wants her to watch him shine and her to be nothing,” J Trice said of the single. “But she’s shutting him down. A lot of people tell me that my voice stands out right away as soon as they hear it, but they also tell me I talk about experiences that other people can relate to. People say I’m open-minded. I speak up, and this song shows that. But life is short, and so many things have already happened in my life that I don’t want to be left dead in the ground with my talent left to waste. So I’m gonna say what I want and sing what I want and hopefully people will see that I’m a girl with confidence. You’ve got to be strong out here in this world, no matter what you go through. That’s what I want people to get from my music.” 

Two other singles from J Trice are currently available across all streaming platforms. The first is a song called “Yourz,” which is a more intimate love song in the R&B and Soul world that is inspired by the current man in her life. She said it’s a song many other people in relationships will be attracted to as it’s a song that says, “I’m in a relationship and I belong to him and you don’t need to worry about what we have together.” 

The other single is “BangN,” which J Trice said has more of an old-school vibe that was inspired by Jamie Foxx’s “Blame It On The Alcohol.” Of the three singles she has recently released, this one in particular is the most fun and upbeat, and she said she’s certain it will draw some attention to her during the summer months.  

J Trice said she has more than 100 singles already put together, many of which she plans to release over the next years. Eventually she wants to put out an album tentatively called “Precisely Ripe,” which will be a girl’s point of view of the streets.

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https://www.lum exchange.com/J.Trice  



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