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Derrick Davis (@jeremyshockey23) - "The Couturier"

Hi everyone. My name is Derrick Davis, I'm 46 and I'm from Brooklyn, now living in Louisburg, North Carolina, my late mom's hometown. I've had ups and downs, a have a practical Building Superintendent's certificate from Brooklyn Technical College (Now College of Technology), and I have no kids but have survived 3 broken legs as a child, 4 psych ward visits and I served 15 days for a misdemeanor. But thru it all I believe my Creator brought me thus far, just like he parted the Red Sea and sent manna from heaven to his beloved ancient people. I've been booed at the Apollo, like many before me who were not talentless, but I admit I need to keep honing my stage presence. It's crazy because nerves turn people off, but they're the very thing that keep me grounded. Oh well, I guess being suave his not my calling. But I consider myself mainly a songwriter, and I share based on situations I've been it, some vicariously, but most in a very real way. Thank you soooo much for taking time out of your busy schedule to listen to me croon away. Have a great day.
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