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Allen B - Do You Believe

 Allen B serves up impressive mix of sounds and styles on mysterious new album ‘Gypsy King’ 

SAN DIEGO, CA – When most people think about gypsies, there’s an element of mystery often involved. They’re nomads with a culture deeply rooted in spirituality and often wander the world seeking new adventures and experiences. They’re eclectic, and present an outward appearance that’s influenced by many different people groups from around the world.  

That’s a great way to describe the new EP from West Coast artist Allen B. “Gypsy King” is a six-song project that gives listeners a little taste of everything he has to offer as an entertainer. From Hip-hop to R&B to Dancehall to EDM to Jazz to Funk … and everything in between … this is an EP that is sure to please any music lover out there. It’s a project that pulls from his many different life experiences and influences – from growing up in New Orleans to traveling the world through his years of service with the U.S. Navy. The West Coast funk and hip-hop flavor contributed to the jazzy taste he developed as a kid in New Orleans, and blends together with the affinity he developed for keys and synth sounds while stations overseas. All of these things come together into his music for a truly original sound. 

The first track on the project is “AI Technology.” It’s a song that both addresses what’s going on in the world today with the over-saturation of technology, and what this could lead to in the future. “AI Technology” is interconnected through all aspects of life and business, Allen B said. 

“If you look back 20 or 30 years ago, the cell phone was the biggest thing popping, and they were huge,” Allen B said. “Now everything is inter-connected – from Siri to street lights to Amber Alerts and all the ways everything is interconnected through finances. This song explores the benefits and potential dangers of living in that kind of a technology-driven world.” 

Allen B follows that up with “Road Rage,” and aggressive song with a catchy hook and a lot of energy that was inspired from a moment he had on the freeway in Southern California – a place notorious for it’s bumper-to-bumper traffic and high rates of road rage-induced violence.  

The third track is “Do You Believe?” which Allen B said is the standout single from the project and has been getting some major attention from fans all over the world, especially throughout Europe. He calls it an old-school funk song that channels his inner Ray Charles. It was born from a moment of introspection when he began to wonder just how much he could believe the things people around him were telling him – even including friends and family. 

“Do you believe what you see?” he asks in the song. “The truth is not what it seems to be when people tell you. There are always two sides to every story. Are people doing the research to find out the truth of what people are telling them – whether that’s through the media or even what friends say as fact? The truth can be skewed.” 

Allen B said “Do You Believe?” has been especially popular among younger demographics, and he’s excited to see how it introduces a whole new generation of music-lovers to his unique brand of music. 

He follows this up with “Zena’s Moon” and “Dance Hall King.” The first is a catchy song about different strands of marijuana, while the latter is an EDM/Dancehall mix that has a great vibe and could easily be heard in clubs all around the world.  

He finishes the project with “Bitcoin,” which is an exploration and quasi-indictment of people’s ignorance when it comes to the future currency of the world. It’s a song that demonstrates Allen B’s desire to use music to initiate dialogue around key issues, while also entertaining the masses with groovy sounds. 

“I’m trying to leave behind a message,” Allen B said. “You can make good sounds and rhythms and sometimes words aren’t needed. But sometimes words really are needed to make good songs. My slogan is ‘Music with no limits.’ I don’t have to make music the way people tell you that you should do it. That’s why I try to incorporate different elements with different styles, and I know people will understand what I’m trying to accomplish. And through it all I intend to show them that I’m leaving a message behind in a variety of different ways. You can dance and have a good time, but you also get little nuggets of what it takes to get through life in this world today.” 

To listen to Allen B’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Instagram: @allenbmusic504 
TikTok: @allenbmusic 

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