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UpAllNyt - Up All Night


Party song of the summer heats up the airwaves from West Coast rapper UpAllNyt 

LOS ANGELES, CA – If there’s one thing you should know about Derrick Sean, it’s that he loves to party. Everyone who knows him knows he’s a guy to hang around if you want to have a good time. He’ll literally burn the midnight oil and party ‘til the sun comes up … it’s how he got his stage name, in fact. And today, as he operates as UpAllNyt, he not only enjoys having a good time, he also creates hot jams to give other people a good time. 

His latest EP “Mandated” is a perfect example of how he makes sick beats that get people hyped and moving. Across eight songs, the project tells real stories while also offering upbeat vibes that are perfect for the summer. The debut single from the project, “Up All Night,” is a tour du force of sound and style that is sure to be the hit track of the summer. 

“The name says it all,” UpAllNyt said. “It’s about being up all night partying with your woman or mistress. It’s a sex song, but it’s also about having a good time and it will definitely be a club song. There’s a little bit of R&B and hip-hop mixed together, and it’s just a really good vibe. I’ve had some great party nights, and this song came to me in jail when I was thinking back on some of those nights. If I hear it in my head, I’m gonna write it and record it and how it comes out, that’s how it comes out. I’m an artist, not just a rapper, and this song shows that to the world.” 

UpAllNyt said he first got into music when he was younger after watching an older brother trying to make it as a rapper. He’s originally from Los Angeles, and grew up in a single-parent home alongside five other siblings. Though he dropped out of high school in order to help pay his family’s bills, he did eventually finish high school and has been pursuing his dream of being a professional recording artist ever since. He’s honed his sound and style to be something completely unpredictable – citing inspirations from Maroon 5, Arctic Monkey and Adele to Lil Durk and Bone Thugs N Harmony.   

“I make music you can relate to,” he said. “I make real music. I’m not just going in the studio and saying anything, or just joking on the mic. I might tell a few jokes in a couple of songs, but I really want to create something that everyone can relate to and people can feel. I want it to be everlasting and timeless.” 

While “Mandated” continues to build momentum and bring in an ever-widening group of global fans, UpAllNyt said he’s working on completing a deluxe edition of the EP which will bring the total number of songs on the project up to 20. He said that should drop later this summer.

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IG: @Upallnyt107  

Fb: up Allnyt  

Twitter: @duckh0

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