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The Presidential Cartel's Roster of Artists are on The Brink of Stardom


Written by: Julz Mancini

It is rare to come across an independent record label that invests in the careers of their artists. When mentioning investment, it is not only referring to the financial aspect but the growth of a blossoming music career filled with knowledge, talent, and team effort. The Presidential Cartel is a business and family oriented entity in which works diligently to place their roster on the forefront of the music industry. 

In 2016, Jarontay Jones founded The Presidential Cartel. Since then, the company has built a formidable reputation allowing them to soar to new heights. With artists such as, Lil Twin, Diesel Slaughter, 88, Rare Kompany, and Dennis Phly, their audience has flourished into loyal, super fans who are always excitedly anticipating new music. The label is considered to be a well-oiled machine which has consistently displayed their hard work and professional efforts to take their artists to the next level. 

The CEO of The Presidential Cartel, Big Stretch, is the perfect man for the position as he works hard behind the scenes to bring the best opportunities to the table for his company. The label is passionate about developing stable and indestructible foundations for its artists which has proven to be successful. Be sure to follow The Presidential Cartel and its gifted creatives on instagram. 

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