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OFNO Quan - Ain’t The Same


Rapper pours out heart on the mic with poignant new single ‘Ain’t The Same’ 

DALLAS, TX – Pain and remembrance reverberates through the moody, nostalgic vibes of the new single from Dallas-based artist OFNO Quan. “Ain’t The Same” is a poignant song that perfectly captures the longing for better days that often comes during moments of regret, or in Quan’s case, a major change. 

Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Quan and his family moved to Dallas during his 11th grade year of high school for a better environment and a fresh start. It’s hard to move to a completely new place a

“I knew that we moved to get a better education and start a better life, but when I moved it didn’t feel like I was home,” Quan said. “I got in trouble, and it was during that time that I started taking music more seriously. I had never rapped at the time, but I went to the studio with my homeboy all the time and I had written poems before, though I never thought they were good. But sometimes I would practice in the studio, and he motivated me to really push myself. He told me I was good and kept telling me I had talent people needed to see.” 

Around this same time, Quan’s younger sister was exploring her own creative artistic expression by starting a new clothing line. Quan remembers one evening during the summer sitting with his sister, thinking of ideas and bouncing business names off each other. They landed on the name OFNO, which stands for Only Family No Outsiders. It seemed perfect, and the two siblings felt a sense of purpose for the first time since they’d moved to Dallas.  

They haven’t looked back since. 

“It started out as just a little thing we started, with a name that was meaningful to us and represents us well,” Quan said. “Now I have my own label and she’s selling shirts and shorts and all kinds of clothing. I’ve been working on perfecting my craft and flow and have a lot of music to share with the world now. I’m very versatile and have different types of sounds. I rap about what has gone on in my life, but mostly I want my music to be known for being organic. It’s from the heart. Somebody is gonna feel the pain when they listen to this song, while someone else will reminisce to it. I want people to know that everything I do is from the heart. And I want people to take me more seriously. I’m building momentum and showing people I have what it takes. I got goals, and this is just the beginning.” 

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