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New Music: Yardie Brooklyn - Where Brooklyn At


New Music: Yardie Brooklyn - Where Brooklyn At

Yardie Brooklyn is a super dope artist and has a new project called "Where Brooklyn At." Click the link below to hear the music.

Yardie Brooklyn Bio:  

Yardie Brooklyn is an Jamaican-America Rap Artist from Brooklyn, NY. She has been rapping since the age of 15 and continues to perfect her craft. Growing up in the streets of Brooklyn while being raised by her Mom and Grandmother shapes the women she has become. Standing at 5 feet 11 inches she is a tall glass of ether. She fell in love with rap at a very young age and it’s had her heart ever since. While Lil Wayne is her favorite rapper she channels a lot of her style from inspirational artists such as Rihanna, Lil kim, Biggie, J Cole, Adele, Sam Smith, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj and Beyoncé. She also enjoys watching battle rappers as well as competition shows such as the voice and masked singer. Her rap style doesn’t have a particular genre as she is versatile in every area of rap. From conscience songs like “Black Lives Matter” and “Franklin Ave Story” to Freaky songs like “Yardie World” and “All Night” to Trap songs like “Baddie Bad Bama” ,“Bag up” and “Boss up on em” to even reggae songs like “JamRoc” and “Brooklyn Anthem”. She is able to conquer every aspect of music she can think of. As she continues on her journey of having a successful rap career we are all to she what she does next.

Yardie has been consistently dropping project after project since her debut EP release on Valentine’s Day 2017 entitled “No Behavior”. Shortly after that she dropped a joint Project with a local artist entitled “Last Night Thoughts Chapter 1”. She released a few singles on SoundCloud including “This ones for Franklin Ave” , “Champion” and “Been with that”. On November 30, 2018 she released her first Ep on iTunes entitled “Where Brooklyn At?” Which includes smashing hits like “Hate me anyway” , “Another Nigga” and “1988”. While working on this project Yardie felt it was necessary to create an alter ego like her idol Lil Wayne aka Tunechi. This led to the birth of Baddie Bad Bama. 

This became Yardie’s trap persona as she embodied a whole new identity. On May 30th she released her latest EP “Baddie Bad Bama”. She is the hottest new up and coming female rapper of today and is in her own words “Ready For Whatever”. We can’t wait to see more of Yardie Brooklyn.
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