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Goldmouf and Nubian Queen - Pressure


Hood love takes center stage on hot new EP ‘Trap Love’ from Goldmouf and Nubian Queen

ATLANTA, GA – A love story from the streets takes center stage on the latest hit EP from Atlanta-based artists Goldmouf and Nubian Queen. “Trap Love” tells the story of this rap couple who struggles together, has come up together, and has been shining as artists in the industry together. Across six songs the project gives fans an inside look at this couple’s life experiences – from the time they first met each other outside a restaurant, to today as they grind together in Atlanta, Georgia.  

“We’re sure a lot of people can relate to this music because it’s all about dealing with life and how hard it can be and dealing with those things together,” Nubian Queen said. “It’s about loving each other and two people coming together through a love of music. Each song is like a story. This is what we do all day, every day. It comes natural to us and it’s just an unbeatable match. People love us together.” 

Goldmouf and Nubian Queen were artists in their own rights before they ever met and started working together. Nubian Queen has been an entrepreneur most of her life, and she had a business that sold wellness juices when the two of them first met. She was outside a restaurant trying to sell her product when Goldmouf was there eating lunch. They started talking with one another, and shared social media information. Through social media they realized they both had a love for music, and he eventually asked her out on a date. 

“She stood me up on the first date because she said she fell asleep,” Goldmouf said. “But she promised that she’d come the second time, and she did. We were both vibing to the music on that date and really clicked together, and from that point on she’s stuck by my side ever since.” 

Goldmouf calls their relationship a “Trap love,” and like many other couples in the world it’s a love that endures hardships together and grows stronger through those challenges. The music they create together echoes that deep bond. It’s music that talks about the struggles of life, but against a vibe that is catchy and makes listeners want to bop their heads. You listen to their music and you feel good. Take their debut single “Pressure,” for instance. It’s a song with a nice bounce, and listeners will definitely feel the South in the way they rap. The music video for the single – shot in Atlanta’s historic Fourth Ward area – adds to the story this couple tells through the music. 

“It’s a song that’s an instant hit,” Goldmouf said. “We knew it as soon as we heard the beat. We didn’t even have to think about it. Once a beat like that comes on you already know in your mind that it’s something great that’s gonna blow up. We just feel like it’s a song that came from a true place and people can relate to it.” 

The entire “Trap Love” EP is currently available across all streaming platforms.

To listen to Goldmouf and Nubian Queen’s music, or to follow them on social media, please visit the following links: 


Twitter: @GoldmoufNubian 


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