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Exclusive Interview - DJ Kaito


  1. Q. Where are you from? and introduce your self. 

    At first, thank you for inviting me. It is nice to be back here at the IMM after nearly two long years. For the people who have never heared of me: I am DJ Kaito, a rapper from Germany and maby the only pansexual rapper in Germany. Happy Pride month to all of you. <3 My lyrics get deep into facts, truth and a bit of love.

  2. Q. Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

    Difficult to answer ffor me. In the beginning (I make music since I am 13, 10 Years ago) it was very hard. I got bullied in school for making rap. I wanted to kill myself. Now 10 years later Its a diffrent thing. I got my own musiclable which is officcially recocnised (here in Germany you got a Lablecode to proof that you are a official lable, otherwhise you can not be played in many FM radio stations), many albums, EPs, aso. The difficult part now is to promote yourself rather than proof to the people that you can do it. 

    I do got recently a whole page in our local newspaper, do to my new album "10 Years" is out on 15th June. When you know me from my last album - the last time I was with you, you will like it. Its a Best of album where every song is new reccorded and my fans could mostly decide which songs got on it. 

  3. Q.Who are you inspired by? 

    My lyrics I write at the moment are sometimes inspired by politics. specially all these Anti-Vax people. In germany this got over Covid to a real panemic itself. Luckly helf of germany got at least one poke with the needle. I am still waiting for my first shot. Most of my stlye and thinking is definetly inspired by Kilez More and "Die Banbdreite" - even when tey are on the anti Vax site. In the past I played together with them. Today I do not want to be on one stage with them, do to spreading dangerous things about Corona.

  4. Q. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

    I am listening right now to the old German rap classics as Torch & Advanced Chemestry (even old school people frfom the US would know who these guys were ;) ) You can find my music everywhere on nearly every streaming or download platform. When you want to get my music on CD just ask you local CD store if they can order it, get it over Amazon or other websites or visit DJKaito.de. On vsdeluxe.com you also find a map and a partner list.

  5. Q. What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

    I can speak here for the German rap market. Here everybody is doing this 1000% autotune shit. This has nothing to do with Rap or even Hip Hop for me. When they don't do that they rap about woman and drugs. I do rap about truth, facts and a bit of love. I also have some style called RST which is inspired by K-Pop

  6. Q. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

    As I said earlier my new allbum "10 YEARS" is out now. The best of my 10 year career do to my fans and me. The Remix of DISS even charted on Chicargo Radio and on the african streaming platform Boomplay and got in the Top 10 on Radio, Top 20 Rap / Hip Hop and top 40 international. Also Japan is wild for the album on Itunes. 

  7. Q. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

    That is easy: even get so far without giving up!

    Thank you for inviting me here. Stay all healthy, get your vax shot and keep lsitening to music. 

  8. Any message to your fans?
    Please copy and paste your music and social media links here. 

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