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Exclusive Interview - Blaze Bar$


  1. Q. Where are you from? and introduce your self. 

    Blaze Bar$ from Gainesville, Florida.

  2. Q. Is it difficult to be a rapper? 

    I don’t find it difficult being a artist it comes pretty natural for me.

  3. Q. Who are you inspired by? 

    A couple artists that inspired me are drake, young thug, wiz khalifa, and biggie smalls.

  4. Q. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music. 

    Right now I’m pushing my latest album “Make America Trap Again” which is hosted by Dj Drama and a brand new music video for "Karma". You can find my music on every streaming platform Apple Music, Spotify, tidal, YouTube, SoundCloud Etc and you can find me on all social media @blazebars.

  5. Q. What makes you different from a lot of artist? 

    What make me different from other artist is how versatile I am! I can put my lyrics over many styles of music and it will always sound perfect. 

  6. Q. Tell us about your upcoming project. 

    Right now I'm focused on a promotion of my new music video "Karma", that we shot in Las Vegas, but I'm gonna drop more music videos soon

  7. Q. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper? 

    My biggest accomplishment as an artist would be gaining 3 million streams on my first album and being able to use the money from that to give back to my community and build a recording studio in my hometown that’s now open to the public.

  8. Any message to your fans?

    Watch my brand new video and stay tuned for an upcoming music. Peace



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