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D Prime 215 "How It Started" Pt. 3 (Video Series)


D Prime 215 links with some of his good friends in South Philly for part 3 of his “How It Started” series. This track/video is produced by Mute Won with cuts by DJ Soulbuck.

“I used to think Airs & Talking Fly was living it up. Now I realize celebrating with loved ones is living it up.”

In this entry, D Prime 215 shares how he became a Hip Hop artist and through his signature lyricism takes us on a timeline depicting his growth and progression throughout the years.

“We all start somewhere. For the third entry in my "How It Started" song series I tell the story on how I started out as a Hip Hop artist to where I'm at today and how I got there. I went from rhyming for the sole sake of impressing friends, cyphers, freestyles, you name it, all to flex the wordplay. Fast forward to me growing as a person and having more life experiences, I began to channel that same energy into storytelling to paint pictures with words outside of just sheer wit.” – D Prime 215 

Watch the video and connect with D Prime 215 below.

D Prime 215

Instagram: http://bit.ly/DPrime215IG

Twitter: http://bit.ly/DPrime215Twitter

Facebook: http://bit.ly/DPrime215Facebook


Song Credits

Music Video by Illionairez: https://www.youtube.com/user/ILLIONAIREZ 

Song Produced by Mute Won: https://www.instagram.com/mute_won/

Thumbnail Graphic by Tom Hindmarsh: https://www.instagram.com/toms_customs/

Cuts by DJ Soulbuck: https://www.instagram.com/djsoulbuck/

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