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Cory Davidson - I Like To Party

Feel-good vibes and upbeat grooves take center stage from energetic rapper Cory Davidson on new single ‘I Like to Party’ 

ELWOOD, IN – Anyone who knows Cory Davidson knows that he’s a little rowdy. Growing up in Elwood, Indiana, he ran with a crowd that included popular Country Rap artist Chris Hosier, and their group was well-known for being hard-headed, up-all-night partiers. He likes to party, and his new single invites others along for the ride with its upbeat vibes and catchy hooks. “I Like To Party” is not only a statement from an artist whose lifestyle is all about having a good time; it’s also a genuine feel-good vibe that’s perfect for the summer. 

Though he’s been close friends with Country Rapper Chris Hosier for most of his life, Davidson’s own style is not country rap. In fact, it’s hard to give him any kind of label. He doesn’t sound like anybody in hip-hop or rap. His new EP showcases a wide variety of sounds – from energetic tracks like “I Like to Party,” to more chill and laid-back vibes with “Make a Toast” and “Trampoline.” He taps into catchy beats with nice melodies, and can often be heard both singing and rapping on many of his songs.  

“I’ve listened to a lot of different music through the years, and it all influences me, but I don’t mimic anybody and I don’t sound like anybody else,” Davidson said. “Mostly I just want to make good-vibing music – something you can have a good time to while listening to it. And hopefully you can take something from it and relate to the song in some way. It’s just that simple. If you’re talking about negativity in what you’re rapping, that’s what people are going to associate you with. I want people to hear my music and just vibe and have a good time. Most of us want to put on a good song when we’re ready to go do something fun and have a good time. I think that would be really awesome for people to do that with my music.” 

Davidson said the full project will come out toward the end of July, though he’s planning to release a remix of “I Like to Party” prior to that date. The full album, which he’s calling “Just the Beginning,” will feature 10 tracks in total and continue to showcase his unique sound and style. 

Davidson first got his start in music as a kid, growing up in a household that embraced music in all its forms. His father was a radio DJ, and other members of his family were involved with music in one way or another. By the time he was ready to graduate high school, he was studying the art of music-making and learning how to engineer and produce at the highest level. He enlisted in the military after graduation, and during his time serving oversees he connected with many other artists and producers who were also serving in the military. He was wounded in 2008 while stationed in Iraq, and after being honorably discharged he returned home and re-entered the music scene, though now he was equipped with all the things he had learned from so many other talented artists from the past four years. He began writing and doing shows, and he began making music videos. Those videos were so well-done that he became the go-to guy for video making all around the U.S., and it’s something he continues to do to this day. The connections he’s made with many other artists along the way has put him in front of some high-level industry executives, and he knows that it’s only a matter of time before his music gets in front of the right people and leads to him becoming an internationally recognized artist. 

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