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VloneMaj - Back Again

New artist Vlonemaj surprises world with unexpected sound on new single ‘Back Again’ 

ATLANTA, GA – When you see the cover art for the latest single from Philadelphia-based artist Vlonemaj – with its sinister skeleton and dripping purple graffiti art – you’d expect a song with heavy metal leanings. But instead the song opens with a light acoustic guitar and some lilting harmonious vocals that make way for a chill vibe filled with lightly melodic electric guitar riffs. It’s a laid-back groove that walks a line and sets the stage for Vlonemaj’s catchy flow – a kind of mumble rap with melodies. It’s surprising in a lot of different ways, which is perhaps the best description for the kind of music this 18-year-old fast-rising young artist has in store for the world. 

Christened with the name My-god Magnetic by his parents, his friends and family would always call him Maj or My G for short. Growing up in the streets of Philadelphia, he gained a rough education, but was always inspired by high-end fashion and music. His stage name VloneMaj was inspired by the Vlone clothing line catch phrase: “Every living creative must die alone.” His new single “Back Again” shares the story of his coming up with the world while showcasing his signature style in creative ways. 

“It’s me telling my story – where I came from and how I overcame my past and won’t go back to it,” he said. “I’m showing people my daily lifestyle in the video when I’m in my home city in Philly. When I rap, I’m speaking authentic. Everything I say is coming off the top of my head. I don’t even write, I just freestyle.” 

Vlonemaj said his favorite music is Trap and up-tempo hip-hop. He’s a fan of artists like Kid Cuddi and Lil Uzzi, and credits Future as his biggest influence. He also works closely with his cousin, the rapper known as Ozsparx, who is signed to Empire Records. Like his cousin, Vlonemaj grew up on the 1600 block of North Philadelphia. When he moved to Atlanta, he was introduced to 510 Music Group with Ozsparx and other major artists, such as JGreen. He hasn’t looked back since.  

“At the end of the day I want to be known for having catchy hooks and diverse flows,” he said. “I write about what goes on in my life or whatever I’m going through. I got a lot of music on the way.” 

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Back Again:

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