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The Artist 9 - Smile


 The Artist 9 Lifts Our Collective Spirit With New Single “Smile” 

With his bright, upbeat new single, The Artist 9 makes us all “Smile.” The song’s smooth percussion helps ring in the spring season. As COVID restrictions come down, “Smile” serves as a welcome transition back to the outside world. “And I said hey,” sings the Artist 9. “Them problems gon go away/I promise girl it’s okay/I wanna see you smile.”  

But The Artist 9 has many more cards in his hands. He expressed pride in another new track, “My Boo.” “That was really catchy,” said The Artist 9. “It’s got a fast-paced beat to it, and it has a different sound to it. It’s a good song for people to drive and listen to. All good energy.”  

The Artist 9’s manager and business partner, Lavale Byrd, emphasized his passion for “My Boo.” “That track is hot,” said Lavale. “It’s gonna be a banger. The sound is pure originality. There’s no Autotune on it or anything like that. ‘Smile’ is the music that a lot of audiences are looking for.”  

The Artist 9 refuses to be classified or have his craft isolated within a single genre. “The Artist 9 doesn’t make trap music because he’s not a trap guy,” Lavale explained. “He’s a college kid. We don’t have time for flashy. We’re trying to open up an avenue for people. Whether there’s somebody that’s 65 or 15, we want them to hear it and understand it.”  

Another important element of The Artist 9’s music is his willingness to look closely at tragedy. 9’s song “See Me Blow” mourns the loss of a dear friend who passed too early. “His name was Derek,” remembered The Artist 9. “He was killed in a motorcycle accident a couple of years back. It didn’t just affect me. It affected everyone around me.” “See Me Blow” finds The Artist 9 reflecting on the fragility of life. “I stay alert,” he explained. “I stay watching around.”  

Fans of The Artist 9’s work should pay attention. He gave some details of his upcoming album release. “My World will be the name of the next project to drop,” said The Artist 9. “It’s just gonna be me giving you all these different sides, or places that I’m in when I made these songs. That’s what I want to go for as an artist.”  

Committed to diversifying his sound, The Artist 9 assured fans that they should never expect him to be comfortable with a single musical style. “You’re never going to get one type of music from me,” vowed The Artist 9. “Because I feel like I’m not one type of person. I feel like everybody has moments where they want to open up. Moments when they want to be hype. So I speak for the unspoken.”   

The Artist 9’s music comes courtesy of Lavale Byrd and Kloud 9 Records, an independent record label located in northern Alabama. “The Artist 9 will be the first mainstream artist to come out of this area,” proclaimed Lavale. “We stay humble, we stay focused. And we make dreams a reality.”  

Stream the Artist 9’s music, and follow him on all social media channels, via the links below.  

Instagram : @_kloud9records / @theartist9_ 

Twitter: @_Kloud9Records / @theartist9_ 

Youtube: https://youtu.be/_ZJbcMuolSk 


TikTok: @TheArtist9_ 


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