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New Music: Genevieve Zamora - WhoSheB


New Music: Genevieve Zamora - WhoSheB 

Been hearing about this female emcee a bit now. She come from around the way down that New Mexico way. She got a nice flow and she put female rappers on spot. Check the bars on Genevieve and tell me if I aint telling the truth. The female emcee world got that heat these days and Genevieve Zamora doesn’t disappoint. Audiences are listening to these rappers that go off, it don’t matter if they aren’t dudes anymore they just wanna hear the bars.

Genevieve Zamora brings that sauce too now. Check out WhoSheB! She got her music streaming on all platforms everywhere right now. This track have that new style production but bring that confident bravado you know what I am saying! 


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