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MinaCci - Invincible


MinaCci pushes through adversity like a rose through concrete and shares journey on new EP ‘Cr3’ 

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA – Sometimes love blossoms in the most unexpected of ways. Take, for instance, two best friends. They love to be together and do everything together, and over time their relationship slowly starts to change. They start dressing their best and acting their best whenever they hang out with one another. They are the first person the other thinks of when facing difficult times. And finally, as if with a spark of inspiration, they realize they have fallen in love with one another. And that love, built with the deepest of bonds, is “Invincible.” 

That’s the message behind the new single from Canadian artist MinaCci. “Invincible” is a song that ladies will love and guys will dive into as the ultimate romantic hip-hop ballad. With a strong blend of hip-hop beats and R&B melodies, the song not only showcases MinaCci’s more soulful side, but also his diverse ability as an artist to fuse multiple sounds into something truly original. 

“I’m very into my feelings and emotions, no matter what the relationship is,” he said. “I learned how to soak all that up and put it into a song. It’s like a journal entry. I’m writing something out from my heart into my music. You hear pain and soul and struggle in my music. It’s raw and uncut. Every song you know it will mean something. I’m not just putting something together to make something fun to listen to. I have gone through things and I’m connecting with others who go through similar things.” 

“Invincible” is the first single off the forthcoming EP “Cr3,” which stands for Concrete Rose. MinaCci has already released two previous installments of the “Cr” series, and each one further explores the journey of a man who started from nothing and made something profound out of his art – just like a rose growing through the cracks of concrete. 

MinaCci said he first started a journey into music when he was a young teen who fell in love with poetry. During a difficult time in his family’s life he moved in with his cousin, who introduced him to beat-making and freestyling. When his aunt purchased him a Dollar Store microphone, he started rapping and recording some of the poems he’d written, and the rest is history.  

“I had so many burdens in my life, and music literally became my escape and kept me mentally sane,” he said. “I fell in love with the art of music – writing and putting those emotions out into the world. Today, I want to make music to touch people. When they go through something they can hear me and relate and know they aren’t the only ones going through that. If you can relate to an artist, it feels like you’re not going through something alone. So whether you’re in need of a spark or some guidance, you can turn to my music when you’re in need of something. Ultimately, I just want to change lives. If it’s possible to change even just one life, that’s what I really want to do.” 

To listen to MinaCci’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

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