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Lux Fire Bud - Swimmingly

Spokesperson for Lux Fire Bud marijuana drops inspiring EP

PORTLAND, OR – Lux Fire Bud is the name of a very high quality of marijuana. It’s also the stage name for Ray J “Flourish,” whose EP project “Lux Fire Bud” is currently available across all streaming platforms. With hit singles like “Swimmingly” and “Medibles,” the project is one that is already making waves across the U.S. and is poised to become one of the hottest records internationally in coming months.

With a sound that blends elements of Latin Freestyle music with motion picture soundbites, late 80s hip-hop themes and killer 808 drums, LFB offers a versatile and diversified rhyme and flow. His recordings are a tasteful combination of hard kick drumbeats laced with hypnotic melodies and clever lyrics that are devoid of any profanity. His work promotes the consumption of Lux Fire Bud marijuana and its associated product lines, but it also serves as a platform for his original ideas and creative expression.

“I’m all about diversification,” LFB said. “My earliest influences from as early as maybe 8 years old was gangsta rap – like hard-core rap from the West Coast. But I also had aunts and uncles who liked 80s Pop music. My development as an artist is really just a conglomerate of different things that entertained me as a child, all packaged in a modern sound. I’m taking those sounds and remixing them and rehashing them and re-serving them to the public.”

“Swimmingly” is the debut single from the project. With heavy bass and traditional 808s, LFB hops on the beat with a definitive throwback swag. The groove takes listeners on a journey with a nice bounce. The lyrics are playful and reminiscent of how a lot of his influences rapped back in the day. While listening to this song fans will recognize hints of some of his biggest inspirations – artists such as D.O.C., Dana Dane, Special Ed, Ice T, and Noel. And like those legends, LFB has a unique ability to paint pictures with words. He demonstrates a real evolution and elevation in hip-hop music quality, vividly transporting listeners to places where marijuana enthusiasts and hip-hop heads intersect.

“I like to smile and make people feel good,” he said. “All I want to do is write rhymes and spit on the microphone. And along the way I’m inspiring people.”

To listen to Lux Fire Bud’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links:

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