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    Q.Where are you from? and introduce yourself.

    I'm Onyx, that's my real name so I decided to stick with it for my stage name as well. Born and raised in Grand Forks, ND. Ive been rapping now for over five years, got into it while i was in high school, kind of just started out with me and my friends just cruising around smoking, listening to beats and freestying, then I started actually writing and recording my raps and I've been doing it ever since.

  2. Q. Is it difficult to be a rapper?

    For me, no, because it's something that I truly love. Even if i wasn't pursuing this as a career I would still be doing it. I think too many people these days lose the passion for it and start looking at is as a job but I love it. Now as far as being a rapper coming from North Dakota that's another story, North Dakota isn't typically known for putting out rappers but there really is a lot of talent out here if you know where to look. There is for sure some unseen talent here that I feel will really be doing some big things soon enough, my homies Jantzonia and District6 are two really talented artists from around here as well and its just a matter of time before you all start seeing us blow up. I think us and a few others will honestly be the ones to put North Dakota on the map.

  3. Q. who are you inspired by?

    Honestly in terms of music I really listen to everything, if I fuck with it I'll listen to it. If you go on my Spotify there is honestly thousands of hours of music I'm listening to all the time. But I pull inspiration from everyone. If I had to say a person I'd probably have to say Wiz Khalifa. I really like that smoke and chill type shit, I mean I stay smoking and listening to music all the time so I'd say its a mix of all of that.

  4. Q. What music are you pushing right now? where can readers find you and your music.

    So me and my boy Jantzonia recently dropped one we called Big Pelican, basically me and him together on all of the songs with a few others mixed in. We dropped that last year and since then I've been mostly putting out singles and kind of slowly just putting in work on my next big project. I don't want to put out my next one until I know it's perfect. So until then I'm just going to be putting out singles, I'll have some music videos coming out real soon as well. But I'm going to try and finish this year out strong so best believe I have some things cooking right now. You can find my music on every platform under the name Onyx. Recently put out a song with Mark Battles so go and check me out!

  5. Q. What makes you different from a lot of artist?

    I'm me, it's honestly as simple as that. I'm not one of those cookie cutter rappers trying to follow every trend and bite everyone else's style. I make music that I would like to listen to and I tell my story through my music. Too many artists these day's are too stuck on trying to sound like someone who's already poppin, and that's just not me, that's not how I make my music.

  6. Q. Tell us about your upcoming project.

    So yeah, right now I'm working on a lot of thing's. Trying to get back into doing shows after all this covid bullshit. I'm just really looking forward to these things getting back to normal so us artists can get back to doing what we love. I have a show coming up in Tampa on the 7th of June so looking forward to that. Beyond that just gonna keep pushing out these singles and videos.

  7. Q. What is your biggest accomplishment as a rapper?

    I don't know that I can say I have a biggest accomplishment as a rapper. I have always fucked with Mark Battles so doing the song with him was really cool. But I just love that I'm able to keep making this music and chase my dream.

  8. Q. Any message to your fans?
    Please copy and paste your music and social media links here.

    You have to just stay on the grindstone and don't stop working. If you stop working, you won't get anywhere in life. If you haven't heard my music you're going to hear it now because I'm telling you I'm gonna put the world on notice. Primrose records, everyone in North Dakota, Jantzonia, District6, Dakota Faye, all my homies, if I left you out I'm sorry but we are coming up, JUST WATCH.

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