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Duchess Letitia / Madame Kapuscinska - Love Letter


Madame Kapuscinska Brings Healing And Wholeness On Eternal 

Knowing oneself is no easy feat. But Madame Kapuscinska knows herself. She’s been to the bottom of her flaws. She’s touched her own wounds to heal them. Now, Madame Kapuscinska brings empowerment and regeneration to her audience. “So many people tried to reject me,” said Madame Kapuscinska. “If someone’s not gonna open the door, I’m gonna make my own door.” Fiercely independent, Madame Kapuscinska handles every aspect of her music career. “ I do my own admin and my own graphics,” she said. “Music is a natural part of me. It helps me manage my mental health.” 

Madame Kapuscinska’s latest EP Eternal features 4 honest tracks of pure humanity. She penned “Love Letter” as an homage to the transcendent nature of love, but also the anguish stemming from that love. “‘Love Letter’ is a frustrated mother and wife battling her own demons,” explained Madame Kapuscinska. “And trying to escape, but instead of trying to escape it’s released into music into art. Pain into passion. Creatively communicating expression.”  

While “Love Letter” celebrates profound human connection, Madame Kapuscinska doesn’t eschew the uglier parts of life. Listeners ought to take heed of Madame Kapuscinska’s warning on “Online Romance.” Don’t dismiss it as “just another love song.” Instead, the song explores the dangerous side of human connection. “I was getting hit up online,” said Madame Kapuscinska. “I got messages from someone who said they were 15 minutes away from my home. Someone was romanticizing me based on what they think I’m like in my videos.”  

But Madame Kapuscinska doesn’t dwell on discomfort or hardship. The single “Ascension” finds her cleansing the damage of the past. “After all the pain and all the trauma, I was about to give up,” said Madame Kapuscinska. “But just as I was about to let go and fall somebody caught me and brought me to the light.” In the song, Madame Kapuscinska also recalls a divine presence giving her aid. “An angel lifted me up and surrounded me with a warm embrace,” she said. “The song tells people to breathe. I’ve had my ascension. I’ve risen. You can have your ascension too. You too can rise.”  

Madame Kapuscinska assured fans that they can expect a great deal of content from her. She has 2 music videos in the works for tracks from Eternal. Music-wise, she is working on a full-length reggae album. But Madame Kapuscinska is a lady of many talents. “I have 2 films coming up currently,” she said. “I have a line of gymwear. I’m expanding to jewelry and haircare. I’m working on my autobio. A documentary of my mental health is being sent to festivals.” Fans should tune into Madame Kapuscinska’s platforms for livestream performances and exclusive content.  

Stream Madame Kapuscinska’s music, and follow her on all social media channels, via the links below.  












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