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Baba T - Blue Cheese

Australian sensation Baba T sends a Hip Hop wave of new sounds across the ocean to U.S. market 

SYNDEY, AUSTRALIA – Baba T is a hot new Australian hip-hop artist whose latest music is helping him break into the U.S. market and to gather a truly international audience. With a style that sits somewhere between Juice Wrld and A$AP Rocky, with. A little bit of New York Drill thrown in, this young new artist is carving out a niche with sounds and a signature style that are undeniable. His latest EP “Know Me” is gaining such momentum that it already has thousands of streams across multiple digital platforms, and it’s primed to become a platinum sensation as it continues to go viral. 

The breakout single “Blue Cheese” is the perfect introduction to this young artist and his latest EP. With a very catchy hook and a radio-ready sound, this song about love and money and what it takes to hold down a relationship in the middle of a thriving music career is so upbeat and contagious that fans throughout Australia have already been putting it on repeat time and time again. Now, as it makes its way to the U.S., clubs and parties all across the country are set to be bouncing to the vibe throughout the summer. 

“Like a lot of the songs on the EP, it shows off a modern day kind of Trap rap with some melodies thrown in,” Baba T said. “The whole project is kind of a heartbreak EP with a story that goes from start to finish across all five songs. ‘Tell Me’ is the first song and it kicks off the idea of how a relationship just fell. As the songs progress the story talks about different things in the relationship happening and it eventually falling. The last song is ‘Too Late,’ and it’s about looking back and seeing that now that you’re doing well in life it’s too late to go back and fix anything. And the whole thing is told in a kind of modern-day hip-hop scope with a sound a lot like Juice Wrld or Lil Baby.” 

Baba T said his style is a far cry from the musical styles coming out of Sydney, and as such it’s causing quite a buzz all up-and-down the Australian East Coast. It’s a sound his city has rarely seen, and it’s a sound that will equally be enticing to American fans. He has a unique outlook on the world and creates vibes that transcend into different genres. And at the end of the day he makes music that connects with people and inspires them through life. 

“I feel like my music will be able to help people get through things,” he said. “That’s what other people’s music has done for me. Coming from Australia I’ve always been told I couldn’t make it in music. But I believe deeply that you should do what you want to do. Chase your dreams. That’s what I want my legacy as a musician to be – inspiring people to chase their dreams. I want to help generations build a mindset that anything you want to do is possible. That’s the underlying theme through anything and everything that I’m making.” 

To listen to Baba T’s music, or to follow him on social media, please visit the following links: 

Spotify: Know Me  


Apple Music: Know Me  


YouTube Playlist: Know Me 


“Blue Cheese” Video YouTube link  


“Pop It” Video YouTube link 


Instagram: Babatglobal  


Faceboo: Babatglobal  


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