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Yevae - Free Me

International sensation Yevae tackles tough topics with catchy Electro-Pop grooves 

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Electronic-tinged Jazz and Blues riffs with deeply meaningful lyrics and an attractive international sound have been making their way to the world from Yevae for years. The Ukrainian-American singer blends an eclectic mix of mesmerizing vocals, pulsing electronic rhythms and memorable melodies with a message of uplifting positivity. And her latest music is created with a purpose of empowering and helping everyone to realize their strengths, to gain confidence, and to find a sense of independence through music.  

Yevae’s nine-song album, “Unchained” is slated to drop later this year, but five songs from the project have already been released. And now a sixth song, “Free Me,” is coming to the world. With its release, this Electro-Pop artist shows how she’s using her music to start a conversation about mental health issues, suicide prevention, social justice and women’s rights. She has a new way of raising uncomfortable topics and delivering heavy messages with the help of modern dance music. Music lovers and Electronic Dance fans will definitely find her sound and style attractive and want to dive more deeply into her records. 

“I have a deep and theatrical sound with an electronic mix of music and beats that fuses in the Jazz and Blues techniques of my voice,” Yevae said. “I really love Jazz and Blues, but I also really love Electronic music and have wanted to mix those things together for years. Also, all of the lyrics I write actually have meaning. I get so sad when listening to songs on the radio today that make the English language sound very poor. That’s influencing the masses in negative ways. I want to elevate that and put some meaning behind the words I’m choosing to use. With ‘Free Me’, I’m talking about a girl who understands she has been in a dysfunctional relationship for quite a while, and when she realizes how much the relationship has drained her – physically and mentally – she decides it’s time to get away from it. I want it to be a song that serves as a message to other people who might be going through something like that. I want all of my music to be about empowering people. No matter what you’re going through at the moment, there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Keep pushing. It’s OK to feel whatever you’re feeling right now, but have hope.”

Born and raised in Ukraine, Yevae moved to the U.S. as a young adult. She diligently built a career in the tech industry, but after a major life changing event in 2019 she decided to follow her heart and pursue her passion for music. Over the past two years, she’s developed her signature style while building an international audience of fans that are eager for more and more music from her. In the coming months, she plans to release another song from her upcoming album called “Breathe,” which continues the conversation of mental health.  

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