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T James: Owner of Independent Label "Real Rap" is Next Big Thing Out of Alabama


Written by: Julz Mancini

With the world at our fingertips in addition to social media, music artists are paving their own way in the cut throat entertainment business. They now have the ability to take their careers into their own hands instead of depending on the backing of labels. For T James, also known as King James, he always had a niche for music and business collectively. After years of working on his craft, he made the decision to form an independent label “Real Rap” based out of his hometown Gadsden, Alabama. 

After revealing his blueprint to success with his supporters and fans in his hometown, artists began to seek his influential advice pertaining to their craft. As T James’ name grew larger, so did his opportunities. He has had the privilege of working with prominent artists such as, Blac Youngsta and Finnesse2Tymes. With his career catapulting, T James has been working harder than ever to present new content to his fans. He has new music available with Super Nard, Rubberband OG, and Lil Bam. Two of his recent releases, “Trappin Made it Happen” and "Ain't Living That" has sent his fans into a frenzy as they apprehensively await new material.

With consistency, work ethic, self investment, and talent, T James is undoubtedly the next big thing to come out of Alabama! Make sure you follow him and stream his music by clicking on the links below!


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