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Styyle - Work it 4 Me


Styyle Stays Workin’ On New Spring Fling Jam “Work It 4 Me” 

Styyle goes an extra mile. Then another. When he’s done with that, he goes another ten miles just for good measure. And that’s all before breakfast. Styyle’s gleaned his ethic of raw perseverance from his mother. A skilled rapper herself, she inspired her son to claim what he wanted in life. “[My mom] was actually really good,” Styyle recalled. “There weren’t too many women rappers in my area where I came from. She gave me the confidence to want to step out of my element.” Once out of his element, Styyle began developing his craft as a writer. “I was writing songs in the fifth grade,” he said.  

Styyle’s indomitable spirit led him to Powerseat Music Group, an independent record label owned by Curtis Maxwell II.  I get that all the time from local guys,” remembered Maxwell. “They think, ‘if I sign with this label, my path is straight.’ But what they don’t realize is that we are very much in the building of our label. Styyle approached me and said, ‘I rap.’ I thought, ‘Of course.’ But he was like, ‘No, I’m serious.’ He paid for his own studio time. He set up his own session. He told me, ‘I just want you to be there.’ No one had ever approached me with that kind of intensity.” 

All Love, Styyle’s latest album, finds him examining human connection from every possible angle. Contrast aggressive, cut-throat bangers like “Stay Inside” and “Race” with more emotive, personal songs like “Toxic” and “Pain.” “All of them are for love,” Styyle said. “You get angry when it comes to love. You get hurt when it comes to love. Let’s say one day I’m having a great day. Then out of nowhere, my heart is hurt. That changes how i’m feeling. Love is always a good thing. At the end of the day, it’s all love. Through the good, the bad, and the ugly.”   

On his new track “Work It 4 Me,” Styyle continues to step outside of his comfort zone. “It’s the perfect spring song,” said Styyle. Curtis Maxwell emphasized that the song merges different musical approaches while also celebrating nationality and culture. “Styyle never even heard an Afrobeat song until we started working on that one,” Maxwell explained. “We want to embrace the culture we have as black Americans, but also the culture we have as African descendants. ‘Work It 4 Me’ is a great combination of those things. It hearkens to a sound that is popular in Africa. But Styyle still sounds like an American rapper. We want to acknowledge it in any way we can, without giving up our own identity.”  

Fans of Styyle’s work can expect more singles from him in the coming months. Stream “Work It 4 Me” below and follow Styyle on all social media channels below. 



IG: @Styylez_3   

Twitter: @styyle3x  

Curtis Maxwell’s Powerseat Music Group will likewise be releasing new material from their other artists very soon. Visit their label website below to learn more.   





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