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J.Adams - Paris

Smooth vocals from R&B artist J Adams take center stage on new single ‘Paris’ 

PRATTVILLE, AL – A new slow jam featuring the smooth falsetto stylings of Southern R&B artist Jacolby Adams has hit the airwaves and is gaining major buzz from fans all over the world. “Paris” is a groovy R&B classic set against swinging 808s that perfectly features the sultry vocals of this fast-rising artist from Alabama. His voice is hypnotic and the rhythm lulls the listener in and takes them on a sexy journey that is undeniable.  

That’s the kind of music J Adams makes, and it’s the signature style he’s become known for over the years. After years honing his craft and releasing singles to fans for the past decade, J Adams found himself facing 2020 with a lot of tough choices. As he used music to try to navigate his various feelings of confusion and uncertainty, he discovered a desire to reinvent himself and to make commitments that would last the rest of his life. “Paris” is one of the singles that was born from that process. 

“At the end of last year I had a transition within myself,” he said. “I wanted to start off with a clean slate. I started thinking about what I wanted as a man and what I wanted in my relationships. This song is a vision of what a man expects from himself as he tries to build a family. It’s about a man giving his wife everything he desires for her. It’s about self-reflection and asking myself, ‘As a man, what am I really trying to accomplish?’ Paris is a place connected with love, and I wanted to tie that whole concept together. There’s a line in the song that says, ‘We’ll use the language of love together in Paris. See us together in Paris.’ That’s basically how it all comes together.”

Originally from historic Selma, Alabama, J Adams currently works out of a home studio called Evan’s Room in Prattville, Alabama. His passion in music started at a young age while riding in the car and hearing timeless songs from the likes of Donell Jones and Joe. His musical ability in production, singing, songwriting and engineering are all self-taught from videos, practical application, forums and trial-and-error. He tends to focus on topics of relationships and the trials of self-realization. His two EPs “Behind Closed Doors” and “Mood AF” have gained him some attention in recent years, and with the release of “Paris” he’s set to explode onto the international scene. 

“I want my music to be a form of healing,” he said. “It should be something to help people through difficult situations. I believe there’s a point in every person’s life when they have to try to figure out if what they’re feeling is unique to them or if there are others in the world who feel that way. Music helped encourage me through that time in my life, and that’s what helps me to be more confident and vulnerable in my songs. Some of my messages need to be for other people. Creating art is something that soothes me, and I hope my music can be soothing for others, as well.” 

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